Six Ways an EDW Can Fail

Join Steven C. Barlow, co-founder and Senior Vice President of Health Catalyst for a discussion on what works and what doesn’t in creating a healthcare enterprise data warehouse. During the session Steve will share his experiences and identify six missteps that many failed projects have in common. Attendees will learn:
  • How to identify your financial and clinical needs and how a healthcare data warehouse can address them.
  • The importance of executive sponsorship and engagement throughout the process.
  • The critical need to create multidisciplinary, frontline teams—comprised of clinicians, technologists, analysts and quality personnel—in the design and deployment process.
  • How to avoid the “Boil-the-Ocean" syndrome that results when incorporating 100% of available data in favor of a prioritized approach that gradually improves quality and cost.
  • A pragmatic approach to creating the ideal healthcare data warehouse by using data already available.
  • How “perfect governance" becomes the enemy of progress.
The goal in creating a healthcare enterprise data warehouse is to organize complex data from dozens of places into a single source of truth that makes it possible for an organization to prioritize, implement, and measure improvement areas to cut waste, reduce costs and vastly improve how it delivers care. The opportunities to improve quality and reduce costs require a solid data warehousing and analytics strategy. Success requires a healthcare data architecture that adapts to volatile clinical data complexity as well as clinical know-how to organize teams and processes around the data.

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