Return on Engagement—the Fundamental Metric of Population Health Management

The fundamental question of the future for population health management is, “How much will it cost our system to achieve a unit of improvement in this patient’s outcome?” At Health Catalyst, we call that Return on Engagement (ROE), and we measure the numerator and denominator, analytically. Engaging patients in their own care is not just an altruistic gesture. It is an economic imperative for healthcare organizations who are at financial risk for achieving clinical outcomes and value based care contracts. Join Dale Sanders and Russ Staheli as they share their observations about population health management from across the industry and how those observations are influencing the Health Catalyst product roadmap. Simply put, achieving optimal care for a population of patients begins with providing optimal care for a single patient, then repeating that over and over again for an entire community of patients. What public health is for infectious disease, population health is to chronic disease; the same concepts for engaging patients in their socio-economic context are applicable to both. In the last half of this webinar, Russ will demonstrate Health Catalyst’s Care Management suite. The five applications in the suite are powered by the Health Catalyst Analytics Platform and were designed by synthesizing concepts from Customer Relationship Management and social networking applications— blending data collection, suggestive and predictive analytics, and decision support into a seamless software experience— and applying that to population health management, one patient at a time.

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