Reducing Waste at Intermountain Healthcare: The Vision, Mission, and Tools to Change Everything

Jay T. Bishoff, MD, FACS (Director, Intermountain Urological Institute, Intermountain Healthcare)

Session Overview

It is nearly impossible to point a surgical instrument, in any direction, in the OR , without finding an area where quality improvement processes can be implemented to improve outcomes and decrease significant amounts of waste and inefficiency resulting in better results with lower cost. Literally millions of dollars are being wasted every day in every OR in this nation and you can be the one who starts the process to stop the madness. In this session Dr. Bishoff will share the results from recent projects, which have had this exact result. He will demonstrate how leadership principles can be combined with quality improvement to make meaningful change. After this session the participants will be able to :
  1. Understand how to untangle a stalled out process delivering poor results and identify specific impact points for meaningful and positive change
  2. Discuss many, specific examples of quality improvement resulting in better outcomes with significant cost savings
  3. Create a detailed plan of action turning quality improvement principles into specific projects when you return home from the conference.

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