Principles and Priorities of Accountable Care Transformation (Webinar)

Facing the most sweeping payment transformation in history, healthcare systems are balancing two competing mandates:  build the competencies needed to succeed under value-based payment models while remaining financially viable in the current fee-for-service landscape. Across the next decade, changing payment models will drive a fundamental transformation in care delivery, emphasizing dramatically lower costs and improvements in quality. While this final destination is clear, today’s health care leaders face high stakes and a great deal of uncertainty as they architect the path for their organizations' survival and success not only under value-based payment, but—critically—during the transition period. Join Marie Dunn, Director of Analytics, as she outlines the key near-term priorities for health care organizations transitioning to value-based payment models, with a particular focus on the importance of leveraging data to drive effective decision making. She will also use Health Catalyst solutions to demonstrate these principles. Marie will cover:
  • State of the transition from fee-for-service to value-based payment models
  • Near-term priorities for organizations looking to build the competencies to successfully manage at-risk contracts, including:
    • At-risk contract management: monitor performance against contractual requirements and leverage data to drive payer negotiations.
    • Network management: reduce leakage and improve referral patterns and network composition.
    • Care management: focus care team efforts by leveraging data to identify the patients in greatest need of support.
    • Performance monitoring: identify opportunities to improve performance on quality measures, like the ACO quality measures.
  • Strategies for balancing near-term priorities with long-term efforts to drive care transformation across the delivery system

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