Precise Patient Registries: The Foundation for Clinical Research & Population Health Management

Please join Dale Sanders as he shares his experience in developing disease registries, the history of patient registries, and the current design patterns in data engineering to create highly precise registries to support clinical research and population health management. Attendees will learn:
  • How the definition of the term “patient registry" has evolved from being associated with a federal- or state-mandated reporting requirement to a hospital or health system’s own population of patients, including device registries, drug registries, and procedure registries.
  • Why engaging certain populations via group registries allows them to better understand their conditions and reach out for support from others who share their condition.
  • Several untapped benefits of registries for disease and quality management.
  • When to utilize patient registries to guide decision-making and drive change, especially at the point of care.
  • Which of the critical steps to building a disease registry is most important.
  • The keys to winning organizational support in order to implement a successful registry initiative.
  • Precise patient registries play a significant role in the management of a broad variety of healthcare processes, including chronic diseases and conditions, as well as clinical research.
Understanding how registries are currently built vs. how they should be built is critical to the future of healthcare outcomes improvement, cost reduction, and translational research.

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