Population Stratification Made Easy, Quick, and Transparent for Anyone

Join the Population Builder: Stratification Module webinar to learn more about its functionality, understand the customization process, observe a unique framework that integrates claims and clinical data, and make it easy to consume customized data sources, so that your algorithms include all of your available patient data. In this webinar you can expect to:
  • Learn how Population Builder: Stratification Module is used to combine data from multiple data sources—including claims and clinical data—to stratify based on a “whole patient picture.”
  • Get a glimpse of the predefined stratification content that is packaged within the Population Builder: Stratification Module.
  • Understand how the Population Builder: Stratification Module allows non-technical experts to quickly and transparently create sophisticated stratification algorithms.
  • See how “published” patient lists, or registries, are created within Population Builder: Stratification Module and accessible by the DOS ecosystem.

Whether you are on the go or have time for a deep dive, we offer multiple ways to view the content.