Patient-Centered Care Requires Patient-Centered Insight: What We Can Do To Complete The Picture

Health systems and providers are inundated with measurement systems and reporting. Why would we want to add to the measurement mayhem? The real question is, “Are we measuring what matters?” Carolyn Simpkins MD, PhD, chief medical informatics officer, will discuss how putting the patient at the center of the measurement matrix can bring coherence and completeness to the picture of care delivery performance across the patient journey, and therefore the performance of the healthcare ecosystem. She will describe the building blocks for patient-centered measurement and how other metrics, patient-reported outcomes, and patient satisfaction fit into this approach. Carolyn will also review the challenges that have kept health systems from completing a patient-centered outcomes approach and why we are poised to break through. Finally, she will share case studies of organizations who have begun to pioneer the use of patient centered metrics to improve care and outcomes.

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