Panel: Precision Medicine and Embracing Variability

Session Overview

In January, 2015, President Obama announced a ‘Precision Medicine Initiative’ to better understand diseases so that more personalized care can be provided to patients with diseases like cancer, diabetes, and others. Years of research have led to better understanding of how individual variation plays a role in certain diseases. Precision Medicine aims to tailor treatments to those individuals based on that variation in genes, environment, and lifestyle. While there have been some great advances in our understanding of the variability in certain diseases, there is still a long road ahead in making precision medicine the norm. Our panelists will discuss the promise as well as the challenges of precision medicine. They will share stories about recent successes in precision medicine, discuss the research required to further our understanding of variability in disease, and the challenges of implementing clinical practices that are based on this variability. Because this initiative will rely on the rapid discovery of new underlying causes for disease and quickly transitioning those research discoveries into clinical practice, there will need to be unprecedented cooperation between the research and care delivery enterprises. Our panelists will offer their insights on this as well the data infrastructure that will be required to make decisions based on a much larger set of clinical and biological information

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