Panel: Data Governance in Healthcare

Session Overview

The formal governance of valuable assets in corporations and organizations— people, finances, buildings, brand image, equipment— has been in existence for hundreds, maybe thousands, of years. The digital era of human and corporate evolution introduced a new and valuable asset— data. In this new and unprecedented area of asset governance, health system executives are increasingly challenged to define a pragmatic data governance strategy that maximizes the value of data to the mission of their organizations, while minimizing governance overhead. Adding to that challenge, the competitive nature of the data warehouse and analytics market place has resulted in significant noise from vendors and consultants alike who promise to help health systems develop their data governance strategy. Having gone on his own turbulent data governance ride as a CIO in the US Air Force and healthcare, Dale Sanders, Senior Vice President at Health Catalyst will facilitate a panel with members from multiple health systems who are in different stages of implementing data governance principles. Some topics they will cover will include
  • General concepts of data governance, regardless of industry
  • Unique aspects of data governance in healthcare
  • Common challenges and lessons learned establishing and running healthcare data governance
  • The layers and roles in data governance
  • Data governance in different scenarios and stages

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