Meaningful Measures: Prioritizing Patients Over Paperwork

Kimberly Rawlings, MPP - Measures Management System Lead, CMS With multiple measures from disparate sources and the administrative burden of reporting on the rise, clinicians have competing demands for their time that take them away from their patients. In order to improve clinicians’ prioritization of patients over paperwork, CMS created a Meaningful Measures framework in 2017 with the goal to remove obstacles so that clinicians can spend more time with their patients. Attend this breakout session to learn about this new approach to patient-centered outcomes, how CMS reduced the data reporting burden and costs on clinicians and other health care providers, and their focus on quality measurement and improvement efforts to better align with what is most meaningful to patients. Join Kimberly Rawlings, Measures Management System Lead at CMS, as she discusses CMS’s Meaningful Measures framework in depth, including tactics that led to the elimination of duplicate reporting measures and identifying measures that matter.

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