Master Your Value-Based Care Strategy: Introducing Health Catalyst Value Optimizer™

Join Mike McBride, Vice President of Payment Transformation at Health Catalyst, as he demonstrates how Value Optimizer empowers leaders to confidently pursue a rational course toward improved risk-based performance. What You’ll Learn about Value Optimizer:
  • Comprehensive, quantified intelligence. Value Optimizer presents one solution to understand all your financial options—up to 10,000 possible opportunities across the care continuum—benchmarked and compared with dollar impact.
  • Accuracy and context for better decisions. With continually refreshed data and benchmarking (using risk-adjusted codes, published research, or “digital twin” population matching), the app serves up timely and meaningful data to guide your VBC strategy.
  • Transparency, not "black box." With fully disclosed and legible groupers, metric calculations, and risk and benchmarking methodologies, the solution allows open-book analytics across 10+ domains from inpatient to post-acute, prescriptions to coding, chronic to end-of-life care, etc.
  • Expert guidance. Our most successful clients work with our services team to explore opportunities within the complete clinical, operational, and financial context for a given population—accessing guidance that up-levels their strategic insight and accelerates success.

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