6) Making Healthcare Waste Reduction and Patient Safety Actionable

David A. Burton, MD (Former Chairman and CEO – Health Catalyst, Former Senior Executive – Intermountain Healthcare ), Greg Stock (CEO, Thibodaux Regional Medical Center)
Multiple studies have estimated that at least 30% of US healthcare expenditures are wasteful. But how do you identify and reduce that waste? In this session, we will share with you a three-part framework for understanding, measuring and addressing waste reduction.  In particular, we will highlight the importance patient safety and injury prevention, framing the importance of shifting from a system of incident reporting (which creates a culture of blame and guilt) to a system in which patient injury is regarded as a process failure rather than a person failure. To make that transition, health systems will need to 1) define process flows and metrics for each major type of patient injury; and 2) create a learning environment in which team members are engaged in process redesign to prevent process failure and injury.  A leading health system in patient safety and quality will also share their best practices in how they have created a culture of patient safety and quality.

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