The Latest Healthcare Financial Trends: What You Need to Know

As 2017 comes to an end, two of our most experienced and capable people are assessing this year’s most prominent healthcare financial trends and using those clues to better read the tea leaves to predict which trends will impact 2018. Tasked with delivering ground breaking financial software products, Dorian DiNardo, Senior Vice President, Analytics, daily has her finger to the wind to sense how shifting trends are impacting market needs. She will join Bobbi Brown, Senior Vice President, Professional Services, who will lead the webinar conversation. Bobbi has several impressive decades of experience in financial leadership for some of the most storied organizations including Intermountain, Sutter Health and Kaiser Permanente. Among other trends that popup in the next few weeks, she will examine three of 2017’s most significant healthcare trends:
    1. Transitions in payment models
    2. Healthcare market disruptions from well-known companies as well as some not-so-familiar newcomers
    3. Emerging importance of technical data skillsets

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