Late-Binding Data Warehousing: An Update on the Fastest Growing Trend in Healthcare Analytics (Webinar)

Now that the industry has had some time to study, react, and apply the concepts, Dale Sanders is going to provide an update on the topic.  As a CIO in the Air Force and healthcare, consistently specializing in decision support and analytics for the past 30 years, Dale will share the stories of the failures and successes that led him to the unconventional approach of late binding in the design of data warehouses— a design pattern that is now implemented in over a dozen leading healthcare organizations and serving over 35 million patients.  Dale will talk about:
  • The basic approach to a late-binding data warehouse.
  • Pros and cons of early- versus late-binding.
  • The historical volatility in vocabulary and business rules.
  • How to predict the rate and specifics of volatility in the future.
  • New learnings and helpful advice based on numerous discussions, forums, and    Interactions with many of you.
  • A robust, interactive question and answer period with attendees.