Introducing Two New Products From Health Catalyst

Join Eric Just, Senior Vice President of Product Development, as he will discuss:
  1. How machine learning is now included into our analytics platform and being built into all our applications.
  2. The toolsets we have developed to automate and democratize machine learning tasks both within Health Catalyst clients and to the broader healthcare industry.
  3. Processes to gain clinician buy-in, and engage the best machine learning engine in the world.
  4. Demonstrations and examples of this life-saving technology.
Dorian DiNardo, Vice President, will share how the Health Catalyst® MACRA Measures & Insights product can help you:
  1. Integrate hundreds of measures across financial, regulatory, and quality departments.
  2. Monitor the behavior, activities, and other changing information needed to influence, manage, or change outcomes.
  3. Tactically and strategically identify measures to take on risk in multi-year value-based care contracts.
The webinar begins with Eric Just presenting and is followed by Dorian DiNardo presenting  MACRA Measures & Insights starting at the 35:57 mark.

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