Introducing Comprehensive, Concurrent Patient Safety Surveillance for Hospitals and Health Systems

Health Catalyst is excited to announce that it will soon release the Surveillance Module of the Patient Safety Monitor™ Suite, the industry’s first comprehensive patient safety application to use predictive and text analytics combined with concurrent clinician review of data to help monitor, detect, predict and prevent threats to patients before harm can occur. The Patient Safety Monitor™ Suite leverages AI and machine learning to quickly identify patterns of harm, learn from those patterns, and suggest strategies to eliminate patient safety risks and hazards. This potent combination of AI, machine learning, text analytics and near real-time data from multiple IT systems enables the Patient Safety Monitor™ Suite to predict harm events and guide clinical interventions while the patient is still in the hospital. In this webinar you will learn how the Surveillance Module can provide:
  • Greater clarity to the types, numbers, and causes of adverse events, enabling leaders to quickly prioritize improvement efforts
  • Improved patient outcomes such as reduced morbidity, mortality, and length-of-stay, and increased quality-of-life and satisfaction
  • Bottom-line cost savings and decreased brand damage related to unnecessary or preventable high-cost care and reduced/eliminated penalties
  • The ability for clinicians and infection preventionists to focus on patient care instead of burdensome manual data extraction, aggregation, and reporting

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