Introducing Leading Wisely®: The Next-Generation of Executive Decision Support

Healthcare leaders are tasked with managing the most complex and changeable industry on Earth, one in which access to the right information at the right time is mission critical. Yet many are almost literally drowning in information as they struggle to collect and interpret data from dozens of IT systems and hundreds of reports in competing formats. To help, Health Catalyst has announced a breakthrough technology marking the long-awaited next step in the evolution of executive decision support. The web-based solution automatically transforms data, key measures and goals from multiple business units into the fundamental insights critical to leadership. This product combines and analyzes near real-time data from every available IT system and software program, and then enables users to customize information, share it with others, and set their own alerts and notifications. As a result, leaders are empowered to take control of the data deluge to more effectively plan, prioritize improvement projects, create alignment among groups, strategize best solutions, and communicate decisions effectively. Dorian DiNardo, Senior Vice President of Product Development, discusses this new product with the following primary benefits:
  • Visibility across all of your key measures and goals to strategize, balance, and optimize your performance
  • Provides a single source of cross-organizational truth via the Health Catalyst data warehouse
  • Gives real-time ability to slice-and-dice different vertical or horizontal views with additional drill-down capabilities
  • Prioritize and communicate with proactive notifications, alerts, and social interactions

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