Integrating Process and Informatics at CO Kaiser Permanente to Achieve Benchmark Cardiovascular Outcomes

John A. Merenich MD, FACP, FNLA (Medical Director, CO Kaiser Permanente Clinical Informatics and Decision Support)

Session Overview

The session will describe how Kaiser Permanente CO has integrated people/processes with a variety of informatics tools over the past 15 years to reduce age-adjusted cardiovascular (CV) events by over 60% during the period. Key discussion points:
  • Matching metrics with clinical and business lead metrics on a continuous basis
  • Using tools to support team based–not physician centric–care delivery
  • Risk stratifying to match resources to appropriate level of patient need
  • Making CV interventions actionable: CV gaps
  • Integrating CV registry and gaps into the daily (EHR) workflow
  • Means to increase individualized, personalized care and Shared Decision Making: Integrated CV Health

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