Integrating Clinical Improvement and Activity-Based Costing Identifies Pathway to Healthier Moms and Babies (HAS18)

Paula Lounder Director, UPMC Corporate Finance, Women’s Health Service Line Finance Lead Hyagriv Simhan, MD, MS Executive Vice Chair, Obstetrical Services, UPMC Beth Quinn, MSN, RNC-MNN Program Director, Women’s Health Services, UPMC Nationally, one in ten pregnant women develops gestational diabetes (GDM), increasing the chance of negative outcomes for both mom and baby. Clinical leaders know early treatment will impact the outcomes, but early identification of these patients poses its own set of challenges. To address these challenges, The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) uses a service line management approach, coupled with an activity-based costing solution. An advantage of this organizational structure is the ability to easily access integrated clinical and financial information for a specific patient population. Come and learn how an interdisciplinary team, including clinicians and finance, developed an improvement proposal with a return on investment (ROI) projection to gain executive sponsorship and clinician engagement. Providing clinicians with detailed information about the effectiveness of the interventions resulted in the development of a pathway for clinical screening and interventions to benefit moms and babies.

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