Innovative Analytics: Using Analytics to Evaluate Emerging Technologies (HAS18)

Shaina Witt Manager, CV Clinical Programs/Services, Allina Health Chelsey Thomas Senior Analytics Engineer, Health Catalyst at Allina Health Pam Rush Clinical Program Director, Cardiovascular Clinical Service Line, Allina Health Steven M. Bradley, MD, MPH General Cardiologist, Minneapolis Hearth Institute Emerging technologies and therapies have the potential to improve patient safety and outcomes. Randomized control trials (RCTs) study efficacy: whether a treatment produces the expected results. While incredibly important, RCTs often include carefully selected patient populations under ideal conditions that may not reflect the reality of the practice setting. As a result, when interventions are implemented in the practice setting, there is often a substantial decrease in effectiveness. The Minneapolis Heart Institute at Allina Health is committed to preventing and treating cardiovascular disease, which is prevalent and costly. Learn how data and analytics can help close the efficacy-effectiveness gap, and enable evaluation of emerging therapies that lead to better outcomes in the real-world practice setting, supporting informed decisions for high-cost devices and technologies.

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