How to Drive ROI in Your Healthcare Improvement Projects (Webinar)

At a time when average hospital’s margins are stagnating, executives should be asking tough questions about the ROI of "indispensable" technologies. Will new technologies prove their worth or drive them further into the red? How do you measure and track ROI? Clinicians need education on financial metrics and finance people need to learn more about the clinical processes and outcomes. One of the historical problems with calculating ROI has been the fundamental culture divide between clinicians and finance. Gone should be the days that clinicians deliver care without knowing the financial cost of that care. This webinar takes a how-to approach, providing practical tools, templates, and pragmatic advice on planning for, measuring, and communicating ROI.  We also include Excel based templates that you can use to much more quickly calculate and present ROI, based on years of healthcare financial and business oriented experience.

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