How Automating and Virtualizing the Hell Out of Healthcare Is the Only Way to Save It (HAS18)

Lyle Berkowitz, MD, FACP, FHIMSS Chief Medical Officer and Executive Vice President, Product, MDLIVE, and President, MDLIVE Medical Group The statistics are staggering: 40% of Americans do not have a primary care physician (PCP); of those who do, 50% don’t get even the basic care they need due to issues with time, distance, cost, and appointment availability. Problems with primary care accessibility to patients are regularly blamed on a severe shortage of PCPs. But, we don’t really have a PCP shortage—just a shortage of efficiency in using them. Saving our primary care system requires the “double whammy” of automation and virtualization. Virtualization is critical to providing care to patients who can’t easily get into a PCP office easily due to distance, time, and cost. But, it is not scalable by itself—scalability requires automation. Together, automation and virtualization allow one doctor to take care of at least twice as many patients in a significantly higher-quality manner. Combining automation and virtualization will lead to the rise of the virtualist—the Netflix of Healthcare—where 80% of care can and should be done online (where patients want it delivered), so that the 20% who really need to see a doctor in the office will have the ability to easily get an appointment and the time they deserve with their PCP. Join in this lively discussion to learn about the automated and virtual future of primary care delivery with Lyle Berkowitz, MD, FACP, FHIMSS, a PCP, digital healthcare innovator and health tech entrepreneur, and Chief Medical Officer and EVP of Product for MDLIVE, as well as President of the MDLIVE Medical Group, one of the largest virtual primary care groups in the nation.

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