Healthcare Transformation: What's good about U.S. Healthcare? (Webinar)

In his first webinar of Section I, Dr. Haughom provided an overview of healthcare transformation. In this webinar—a part of Section I—Dr. Haughom will provide a deeper look at the forces that have defined and shaped the current state of U.S. healthcare. Paradoxically, some of these same forces are also driving the inevitable need for change. Attendees will find answers to the following questions:
  1. What are the historical trends that have created the best healthcare system the world has ever seen?
  2. How are these same trends making healthcare reform inevitable?
  3. What are the primary determinants of health and how will they influence future policies regarding healthcare expenditures?
  4. What is the Rule of Rescue and what are its implications for the future?
  5. How do U.S. health expenditures compare to other nations and what are the implications?

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