Healthcare Data: Visual Discovery and Governance on any Device (Webinar)

In this webinar, Donald will offer his strategic insights into these data reporting trends including how they relate to current and future product development at Qlik, widely considered to be the leading cross-industry data visualization company in the world. Dale will serve as moderator and provocateur in this interactive Q&A interview-style forum. Dale and Donald are two of the most interesting future analytics thinkers within and outside of healthcare, well-known for their ability to stretch the minds of audiences. Known for bold and insightful predictions, Dale Sanders brings more than three decades of analytics experience to the discussion. While he began his career managing data for the National Security Agency during the touch-and-go of nuclear warfare operations in the '80s, (read more here)he saw an important opportunity to make a difference in healthcare and moved to serve as CIO at several organizations. He has an unusually accurate track record for predicting emerging changes in industries and organizations, and aligning those predictions with data and cultural strategies that have helped healthcare organizations to thrive on those changes, not just survive. Joining Dale is Donald Farmer who brings more than 30 years of experience developing and executing data and analytics strategies outside of healthcare. Included in his experience, Donald spent a decade at Microsoft focused on data mining, and to many, he became the face of Microsoft's Business Intelligence business. Steeped in technology, Donald is a widely sought after speaker because of his breadth and depth of technical experience and his ability to translate ones and zeros into human-readable plans. Dale and Donald will share the time to talk about the impact of evolving technology, business intelligence tool sets, and analytics consumption models as they relate to the following:
  1. Innovative current techniques and future trends in the visual exploration and discovery within data, as opposed to generating reports from data
  2. Delivery of the right data at the right time with the right visual discovery tools to any platform from desktop computers to smart phones
  3. Governance models for this new data environment that allow for exploitation of its full value in context to the decision making situations while avoiding privacy and security violations
We encourage you to tune in for what could be one of the most interesting healthcare analytics webinars of 2015. Please join us.  

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