Health Catalyst Overview: How Improving Outcomes Can be Like an Awesome Ski Trip (Webinar)

Our mission at Health Catalyst is to transform healthcare and enable outcomes improvement. In that spirit, we create webinars focused on providing high-quality educational opportunities for the entire healthcare industry, an approach that has been positively embraced by our clients. Still many of you have also expressed a desire to learn more about Health Catalyst, our products and processes. So rather than introduce any type of selling element into our webinars, we decided we would periodically hold a different type of webinar—a webinar that is more about us. Please join one of Health Catalyst’s founders, Tom Burton, as he uses the analogy of a ski trip (we are located in Utah, after all) to review the Health Catalyst Late-Binding™ Data Warehouse Platform, analytic applications and transformational services. Some specific items Tom will cover are:
  • What ski equipment you will need for the trip (analytic platform and tools)
  • Types of lifts and runs on the mountain (improvement categories and types)
  • Ski school and private lessons (quality improvement techniques and training)
Tom will also address training on governance and improvement methodologies critical for scalable outcomes improvement success as well as the importance of understating how different types of improvements can positively or negatively impact the bottom line based on your mix of payment models  

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