Eliminating Waste and Reducing Cost: Re-Inventing Value in Cincinnati Children’s

Frederick C. Ryckman, MD (Professor of Surgery/Pediatric Surgery, Sr. Vice President, Medical Operations, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital) Session Overview Healthcare will not be able to save enough money by continuing to focus on reducing costs in supply chain, labor costs, and procedures. We must move to standardizing essential elements of care where the bulk of our costs reside. Standardization leads to improved safety, efficiency, reliability, patient experience, and outcomes. And surprisingly, it also leads to greater opportunities for customization when done well. Join Dr. Frederick Ryckman, Sr. Vice President of Medical Operations, as he shares successes and outcomes in eliminating waste and reducing costs in Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. Some highlights include: Use of mathematic modeling techniques to “right size” intensive care units and manage urgent and emergent OR case load 10.5 Million in preventable costs through standardization of surgical site infection (SSI) prevention Improve Nurse at the Bedside Staffing and Work flow through predictive modeling and census prediction Use of Tablet based Situational Awareness model to improve workflow and real time information for managers and leaders Using patient entered data to manage chronic complex diseases.

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