Discovering a Common Purpose: Creating Physician Engagement (Webinar)

Join Dr. Bryan Oshiro, MD Chief Medical Officer, Health Catalyst , as he shares key best practices in getting physician engagement including identifying and empowering physician leaders in key functional teams, compensating for leadership roles, educating and developing a common purpose, triad teamwork approaches, giving quick, easy, and responsive access to the right data to identify problems and make recommendations, and supporting and empowering physician-led recommendations. Attendees will learn:
  • The importance of physician engagement in quality improvement (the “why”)
  • To describe the challenges and barriers to truly have physicians lead quality improvement (“the what”)
  • To identify strategies to enhance physician engagement (the “how”)
Creating Physician engagement is a journey. It is a partnership that requires putting the patient first to provide the best care possible. Please join Dr. Oshiro as he shares his experiences spanning three decades of quality improvement and clinical practice, from Loma Linda University Medical School to Intermountain Healthcare, for what will be an engaging and enlightening session.

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