Deploying Predictive Analytics: A Practitioner's Guide

This webinar will focus on the technical and practical aspects of creating and deploying predictive analytics. We have seen an emerging need for predictive analytics across clinical, operational, and financial domains. One pitfall we’ve seen with predictive analytics is that while many people with access to free tools can develop predictive models, many organizations fail to provide a sufficient infrastructure in which the models are deployed in a consistent, reliable way and truly embedded into the analytics environment. We will survey techniques that are used to get better predictions at scale. This webinar won’t be an intense mathematical treatment of the latest predictive algorithms, but will rather be a guide for organizations that want to embed predictive analytics into their technical and operational workflows.
Topics will include:
  1. Reducing the time it takes to develop a model
  2. Automating model training and retraining
  3. Feature engineering
  4. Deploying the model in the analytics environment
  5. Deploying the model in the clinical environment

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