Data Is the New Strategic Asset in M&As: Is Ripping and Replacing EHRs Really Necessary?

In this webinar, Tim and Dale, who worked together at Northwestern Medicine to establish an early-on and leading enterprise data warehouse solution for the hospital, physicians and medical school, will present their unique perspectives creating a thoughtful environment of comparison and contrast. This won’t be a typical corporate dozer—rather it will provide an opportunity for you to think deeply about the novel nature of your organization’s data. Historically, hospital expansion by building a larger footprint was the way to scale and capture market share. While those things still matter, attention has shifted to the expansion of the distribution of care through virtual and physical access points that embody a far more consumer friendly means to deliver care. It is in those entities that enriched data can be used to deliver care outreach that actually makes a difference for patients. That is where the new margins exist.

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