Data, Insights, Action! Little-Known Principles and Skills for Making Analytics Actionable (HAS18)

Russ Staheli Senior Vice President, Professional Services, Health Catalyst What critical factor guarantees your analytics will lead to actual improvements and an increased ROI? Actionability! Russ has made actionability a key indicator of success for his team of analytic professionals embedded in 40 different healthcare systems across the country. If their insights are not actionable, if they don’t achieve sustained improvements, they have failed. In this session, Russ dives into hands-on techniques for raising insight quantity, quality, clarity, and above all, actionability. Participants will learn:
  • How to overcome the recurring barriers to “mission accomplished.”
  • How to avoid team time wasters by delineating between interesting and actionable.
  • How to make analytics actively drive value and raise ROI.
This session is tailored for heavy analytics consumers and leaders of analytics teams. All participants will leave the session with a set of skills and guiding principles to elevate their analytic focus from just achieving “great analytics” to truly driving value.

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