Data Governance Talking Points: Simple Lessons from the Trenches

About 7 months ago, one of our clients asked for a 90-minute cram course on data governance, including time for questions and answers. They were struggling, like so many other healthcare organizations, caught in the swing of extremes from too much to too little, while equilibrium eluded them. With a last-minute rush, I fell back on my time in the Air Force and threw together a talking points paper to facilitate the conversation. At the end of the meeting, they were effusive with their appreciation, using words like “incredibly insightful,” “brilliant,” and “hugely valuable.” I didn’t think it was that good, but their data governance function is “dramatically better” now, and they are happy, so something worked. Since then, I’ve used the same talking points in two other similar meetings, with similar feedback and results. It still doesn’t feel that great or insightful to me, but I’m glad to flow with the feedback and share the same style meeting with you, in hopes that it’s useful.
After attending this webinar, I hope you will have some tactical ideas to assess your organization’s data governance strategy. Are you leveraging the data you have? What could improve? We’ll answer these and more questions. You are warmly welcomed to join.

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