COVID-19 Emergency Financial Relief: Gas Pedal to the Floor, No Steering Wheel?

Since the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic, Congress and the federal government have committed massive amounts of money to economic recovery across affected industries, with healthcare receiving hundreds of billions of dollars in emergency funding. Despite this push to inject capital into a shuttered economy, healthcare organizations have gotten surprisingly little in the way of direction on how they could spend these monies. Providers—a few of which are flush with cash and many struggling with a lack of working capital—now grapple with questions about how to spend sizeable sums of stimulus money legally and how to get their organizations on the road to recovery. Meanwhile, they wait for more guidance, knowing the inevitable waves of audits and enforcement are coming. During this webinar, attendees will learn the following: How to appropriately receive and optimize COVID-19 relief funding. How to utilize relief funding in a compliant way. How to proactively prepare for audit and oversight. How to make data-informed decisions to prepare, prevent, recover, and plan during a global pandemic.

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