Clinical Standards Work To Improve Evidence-Based Care Delivery: A How-To Workshop

Charles Macias, MD, MPH (Chief Clinical Systems Integration Officer, Texas Children’s Hospital), Terri Brown, MSN, RN, CPN (Assistant Director, Clinical Outcomes & Data Support; Research Specialist, Center for Research and EBP, Texas Children’s Hospital)

Session Overview

Texas Children’s has driven the science of care delivery through Clinical Standards work emanating from their Evidence Based Outcomes Center (EBOC). The center produces evidence based guidelines, evidence summaries and evidence informed pathways through systematic development processes.  Over the course of 7 years, EBOC has developed over 38 full evidence based guidelines, has developed or supported the development of over 20 evidence based summaries, and has trained over 100 clinicians to develop evidence based products for use as shared baselines.  These efforts have led to decreases in unwanted care variation improving patient and financial outcomes. Additionally, this work is estimated to have eliminated millions of dollars of waste in care delivery. This workshop will provide learners with a roadmap for developing and implementing clinical standards work in their own healthcare systems.  As TCH launches a national consortium of children’s hospitals who will collaborate on clinical standards work, this workshop will provide the background and theory necessary for participating in the consortium. However, the workshop is not limited to only those participants, as the learning is applicable to all settings.

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