Laying the Foundation for Sustainable Change and Success (Webinar)

In the initial webinars in this series, we examined the historical, cultural, financial and social forces that have defined and shaped the healthcare system and the dynamics that are irreversibly driving the need for change. Now, it is time to focus on a review of emerging concepts and methods that will allow healthcare organizations to adapt to a rapidly changing future. This webinar will focus on the improvement concepts, methods and tools that individuals and organizations need to consider in order to address the challenges facing healthcare and successfully ride the wave of change sweeping across the industry. Participants will learn how to:
  • Implement an effective system of production and improvement in healthcare
  • Become an effective change agent in healthcare
  • Understand emerging methods to manage growing organizational complexity
  • Learn about the implications of modern improvement methods for clinicians and others in healthcare
By the end of this webinar, participants will understand the three key elements of a framework necessary to support sustainable and scalable improvement in healthcare — an analytic system, deployment system and content system. The analytic system provides the necessary data and analytical tools; the deployment system is used to organize work and teams; the content system focuses on how evidence and knowledge are gathered, evaluated and integrated into care delivery.

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