Bundled Payment Changes: Learn What’s New and How to Succeed

In January, CMS announced the Bundled Payment for Care Improvement Advanced “BPCI Advanced” program, initiating renewed interest in a total cost of care payment model for specific episodes of care. Regardless of your organization’s current decision to participate, it’s important to understand how bundled payment programs have the ability to significantly decrease your internal costs, broaden your revenue opportunities, and improve patient outcomes across specific populations.   The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation’s newest iteration of bundled payments provides another tightly-defined program that allows organizations to scale Population Health Management. Best practice suggests that tactical interventions to assess clinical variation, implement strategic care redesign programs, and to adjust care management-facilitated patient stratification models are important to be successful with bundled payments – so knowing how to implement them is crucial.   One organization’s savings is another’s income and without making overhead allocation changes, bundled payments may reduce revenue that has been critically important to maintain hospital profitability.   Join this webinar to learn:
  • What i­s new with bundled payments
  • The ramifications bundles can have across organizations
  • Leveraging data and strategic analysis to identify opportunities for bundled payment success
  • Operationalizing successful care program tactics to be successful in bundled payment contracts

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