5) Building An Analytics Strategy Based On The Healthcare Analytics Adoption Model

The Healthcare Analytics Adoption model borrows lessons learned from the HIMSS EMR Adoption Model, and describes an analogous approach for assessing the adoption of analytics in healthcare. This 8-level model provides a framework for evaluating a health organization’s adoption of analytics, a roadmap for organizations to measure success, and a framework for evaluating vendor products.

In Part 1,  Dale explained the Analytics Adoption Model.   The video for the HAS session was so poor, that we were not able to put this together.  So we substituted a previous webinar that Dale conducted on the Analytics Adoption Model for good context.

In Part 2, Dale unveiled a new, online self-inspection guide that allows users to assess their organization’s analytics maturity and identify very specific areas for improvement.  After completing the self-inspection guide, users will have a baseline report on their organization’s analytics maturity, as well as comparative data from other organizations, that they can share with others.

Part 1 – Understanding the Analytics Adoption Model (using a previous webinar given the poor video quality)

Before taking the self-assessment, it is useful to understand the Healthcare Analytics Adoption Model.   Below are some explanatory materials which include

  • The details of the 8 levels of the model
  • A brief introduction to the HIMSS/DELTA model
  • The importance of permanent organization teams to sustain improvements from analytics investments
  • The process or curating and maturing data governance
  • The coordination of a data acquisition strategy with payment and reimbursement strategies

Please view the slides, the transcript, or the webinar presentation as a background before taking the self assessment if you are not yet familiar with the analytics adoption model.  If you are already familiar with the analytics adoption model, please proceed to Part 2, the self-assessment survey below

Presentation Slides




Part 2 – The Healthcare Analytics Adoption Model Self-Assessment Survey (from the HAS session)

Click below to take a self-assessment of your organizations maturity level for analytics as compared to other organizations.  When you are finished, you will complete a baseline report on your organization’s analytics maturity as well as comparative data from other organizations.  You can email this report to yourself as a PDF or print out the report.