Breaking All the Rules: What the Leading Health Systems Do Differently with Analytics and Data Warehousing

Voluntarily or not, we are entering the Age of Analytics in healthcare. As the healthcare industry emerges from the deployment of EMR's and health information exchanges, enterprise data warehouses represent the next significant opportunity in information technology. However, the meaningful use of an enterprise data warehouse is much more difficult to achieve than the meaningful use of an EMR.  There are scant few organizations in healthcare that have achieved excellence in the “meaningful use” of an enterprise data warehouse. Fortunate to see both failings and successes, Dale Sanders has spent the last 18 years analyzing the characteristics of healthcare analytics and data warehousing leadership. Join him as he shares his observations and lessons to help you and your organization become one of the success stories. Attendees will learn:
  • Why C-level involvement is important, but not a guarantee of success, and can sometimes be a hindrance
  • The pivotal characteristics of culture, strategy, and execution that are critical to data warehousing and analytics success
  • How to balance tactical analytic victories without sacrificing strategic adaptability and scalability

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