How to Achieve the Competencies of Successful Value-Based Contracting Delivery Systems

This webinar will review the evolution of the value-based contracting world, identifying key insights into impactable contract levers, and delineating systematic steps that lead to sustainable value-based contracting success. Health Catalyst team members Bobbi Brown, SVP, a healthcare finance executive with over 40 years’ experience, and Jonas Varnum, a population health and value-based care strategic consultant expert, will present on many of their battle-scarred experiences working with the financial, clinical, analytical, and operational components of value-based contracting delivery models, including:
  1. Shared qualities of successful value-based contracting delivery systems.
  2. The intensifying need for robust data to drive success.
  3. Refining and optimizing core competencies.
  4. Increasing sustainability by impacting key contract levers.

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