A Health Catalyst Overview: An Introduction to Healthcare Data Warehousing and Analytics

Please join us as two of Health Catalyst’s best, Vice President Jared Crapo and Senior Solutions Consultant Sriraman Rajamani, cover important basics including who Health Catalyst is, what we provide and how we deliver our products. Jared and Sri provide an easy-to-understand discussion regarding the key analytic principles of adaptive data architecture. Some specific items they cover are:
  • The industry challenges that warranted the creation of Health Catalyst.
  • The use of Health Catalyst’s data analysis tools and applications that enable organizations to quickly uncover care improvement and cost reduction opportunities.
  • Implementation best practices that Health Catalyst organizes into Achievement Levels, including how they are delivered, installed, and typical implementation schedules.
  • Attendees understand who in your organization needs to be involved and the secrets to success and pitfalls to avoid.
The discussion includes the key analytic principles of an adaptive data architecture including data aggregation, normalization, security, and governance. Jared and Sri also address the basic requirements for implementation of the measurement platform of a data warehouse, such as team creation, roles, and reporting. Finally, they demonstrate several of the key tools necessary to move the analytics strategy forward including a improvement prioritization application, applications used to organize patient populations, others used to monitor and measure care results and still others that are specific to advanced areas of care.

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