2021 Healthcare Trends: Embracing an Unpredictable Future

We’re putting 2020 in the rearview mirror and gazing into the crystal ball to see what 2021 holds. Join Stephen Grossbart, PhD, and Dan Orenstein, JD, as they tackle the challenge of predicting what’s next for healthcare in 2021. Stephen and Dan will discuss the trends and policies most impactful to the industry and attempt to answer the following questions on everyone’s mind
  • Healthcare technology—Where is it headed? What’s the next big thing?
  • Care delivery—How will COVID-19 continue to impact healthcare systems, physicians, and patients? What changes will the industry make to prepare for future pandemics? What will happen with value-based care?
  • The new Biden administration—What changes will it make that will impact healthcare? What will the Supreme Court/Congress do about the ACA?

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