Part 1 — 20 Years in Healthcare Analytics & Data Warehousing: What did we learn? What’s the future?

The enterprise data warehouse (EDW) at Intermountain Healthcare went live in 1998. The EDW at Northwestern Medicine went live in 2006. Dale Sanders was the chief architect and strategist for both. The business inspiration behind Health Catalyst was, in essence, to create the commercial availability of the technology, analytics, and data utilization skills associated with these systems at Intermountain and Northwestern. Lee Pierce assumed leadership of the Intermountain EDW in 2008. Andrew Winter assumed leadership of the Northwestern EDW in 2009, and transitioned leadership of the EDW to Shakeeb Akhter in 2016. This webinar is a fireside chat among friends and colleagues as they look back across their healthcare IT decisions to answer these questions:
  • What did we do right and what did we do wrong?
  • What advice do we have for others in this emerging era of Big Data?
  • What does the future of analytics and Big Data look like in healthcare?
Please join Dale, Lee, and Shakeeb for an insightful and spirited conversation. You'll leave better understanding the following:
  • Why data modeling has been overrated and how it is changing
  • The arrival of hybrid architecture data lakes
  • The potential to process text, images, and discrete data together
  • Whether the EHR vendors can deliver against future needs
  • How to optimally use data governance