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Video Podcasts

Part 1: How AI and Data Can Streamline Healthcare

How can health systems use AI to transform healthcare? Join Jason Jones, our Chief Analytics and Data Science Officer, for an AI-focused discussion about AI’s current and future role in healthcare. Jason explains how AI and data can streamline healthcare processes to alleviate burdens and allow providers to focus more on patients instead of paperwork. […]

Part 2: How AI and Data Can Streamline Healthcare

In the second installment of the two-part podcast with Jason Jones, our Chief Data and Analytics Officer, Jason will continue discussing the critical role AI play in healthcare and the ethical questions it raises when it comes to patient care. Key Takeaways: AI intersects with other healthcare technologies. Providers can ethically incorporate AI in healthcare […]

How Data Digitization Can Advance Life Sciences

Break down the barriers to understanding life sciences and the drug development process in healthcare with Sadiqa Mahmood, our General Manager and Senior Vice President of Life Sciences.

How to Digitize and Democratize Healthcare Data on a Global Scale

Health systems in the U.S. are increasingly using data to drive decisions, but what’s happening with data and healthcare on a global scale? Join Jeff Selander, our SVP and General Manager of Global Business Expansion, to learn how better data processes can lead to higher-quality care. Key Takeaways: The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the critical need […]

Solutions for Financial Management in Healthcare

Does your health system effectively manage financial risk? Join Dan Unger, our General Manager and Senior Vice President of Financial Transformation Business, and MarketScale’s Daniel Litwin to discuss common financial pitfalls and the critical need for an agile financial solution. Key Takeaways: Good financial management makes for sustainable healthcare operations. The COVID-19 pandemic has lowered […]

The State of Data and Analytics in the Asia Pacific

What is the current and future state of data and analytics in the Asia Pacific (APAC) region? Watch Farhana Nakhooda, our SVP of Healthcare and Life Sciences, as she dives into data trends in the APAC region, common challenges, and the future of data for these countries. Key Takeaways: Because APAC is so large, it’s […]

How Clinical Analytics Empowerment Better Healthcare Outcomes and Care Standards

Do clinical analytics drive real improvement at your health system? Holly Rimmasch, Chief Clinical Officer & SVP & GM over Clinical Analytics, shares strategies to leverage clinical analytics that lead to better care. Key Takeaways: The more clinical data gathered, the better the healthcare decision. Clinical analytics play a critical role in healthcare risk prevention. Analytics can transform individual care trends into population care standards.

How Will More Powerful Data and Analytics Drive Healthcare Forward?

How can your health system use powerful data and analytics to drive healthcare forward? Join our SVP and GM of Data, TJ Elbert, and Chief Technology Officer, Bryan Hinton, to learn more. Key Takeaways: Data computing is no longer a constraint — managing it is. Healthcare data can deliver value but requires orchestration and governance. Augmented intelligence is critical in using data to improve care.