The Story of New Ulm: A Population Health Transformation

Documentary Overview

The town of New Ulm, Minnesota is known as the most German city in the U.S. with a heavy focus on its beer, butter, and bratwurst. Ethnically and geographically isolated in southwest Minnesota, it has become an interesting laboratory, of sorts, to experiment with population health programs focused on changing lifestyles by increasing activity, changing diets, and improving the rate of wellness screenings.

Eight years into a 10-year, $10 Million experiment to eliminate heart disease, the town is reaching its goals with reductions in cholesterol and high blood pressure, and increases in exercise, healthy food consumption, overall activity and a slowing of obesity rates well below the national averages. Key to their success is a cross-community collaboration empowered with insight about improvement opportunities by Allina Health’s data warehouse and analytics infrastructure.

“It’s really inspiring to see how New Ulm residents, employers, leaders and New Ulm Medical Center have partnered together to help our community become healthier,”

– Toby Freier, President of New Ulm Medical Center.

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