Here’s What’s New with the Mobile App for the 2016 Healthcare Analytics Summit™

Attendees of the Healthcare Analytics Summit (HAS) in previous years should be familiar with the HAS event application. First-time attendees will quickly learn how it’s one more unique feature of an analytics conference that continues to deliver value in both unexpected and entertaining ways.

It’s still the great mobile app that creates a fun, engaging, and instructive experience for everyone involved with the HAS event. Among the many returning features, you can still easily connect with colleagues, answer poll questions, electronically applaud your favorite speakers, and vote for your favorite Analytics Walkabout stations. But new features will help you become even more of an attendee pro. Wondering if a session is full? Where your next session is located? This year, the app puts HAS in the palm of your hand, with some updates that are certain to satisfy technophiles, technophobes, and inquisitive types alike.

The HAS App You Know and Love

While there are plenty of new and updated features, the tried and trusted functions of the HAS app are back for a return engagement.

  • Participate in sessions by answering poll questions and give feedback by using the Applause Meter to express yourself with a shake or a tap of your phone.
  • Submit questions ahead of time for the question and answer period in each session. Vote on the top questions to prioritize which questions get asked of the speakers.
  • Interesting, real-time audience analytics from poll and applause metrics to provide insights at the end of each session. Real-time audience facts are displayed on the screen of each breakout session.
  • Access the entire summit agenda and connect with other summit attendees.
  • Bring up the scoreboard to see your points earned for all interactions during the conference, like attending Analytics Walkabout stations, submitting questions, and establishing contacts.
  • See all your messages in one place.

And this is just a start.

What’s New for 2016

Along with the returning features that the app offers HAS attendees, we’re introducing some new and updated capabilities:

Updated App Name: Given its primary capability of processing and visualizing analytics for this event, we named the HAS app, EVENTalytics. It’s an appropriate “combonym” for the Swiss Army Knife of applications.

My Agenda: Summit dates are displayed across the top. Pick a day and see what’s on tap. You can display all sessions, open sessions, and the sessions for which you’ve already registered. The app knows the room capacity for each session. As registrations come in, the status synchronizes automatically.

This dashboard is reorganized for 2016 and it’s also where you sign up for sessions, a process that is compulsory this year because of the popularity of so many presentations. Registered session attendees will have priority access and registration will be checked at the door, so you’ll need to keep your device handy. This dashboard shows session titles, locations, times, capacities, and session details, including colored bars to indicate the session’s track.

Note: If you accidentally register for a second session in the same time slot, you’ll be automatically de-registered from the first session.

HAS Map: When you’re working with 75,000 square feet of conference facility, it helps to have a map. This one is accessed from the signpost icon on any Session Info screen. The map highlights the room assigned to each session.

Ask a Question: Updated for this year, and also accessed via the Session Info screen, the visible text area on this screen now displays more than a single line of entry; better suited for those bothered by confined spaces.

Connections: You can now explore attendee profiles by company or job title, then ask to connect with them during the summit. Choose to display all, existing, or pending connections on this screen, then tap a name to see details. The three icons on this screen show whether you are connected, you want to connect, or you requested a connection.

Social Media: Need to share your opinion on that dynamic keynote session you just attended? There’s a new, Twitter-like board within the app for posting pictures, tweets, and hashtags. This will be self-contained just for the conference.

Conference Help: Last year, there was a single area within the app for asking questions, regardless of context. This year, EVENTalytics has separate areas for questions related to sessions and those related to conference logistics, such as room temperature or what time lunch is served. Health Catalyst specialists will be on hand to quickly respond to all questions.

Analytics Walkabout: Last year, attendees earned points when i-beacons detected them at Analytics Walkabout stations for a specific amount of time. This year, we have done away with the all-seeing eyes. Instead, using the app’s built-in function, attendees scan QR codes at each station to register those they have visited. Attendees can vote for their favorite stations in five categories:

  • Most innovative approach
  • Most easily implemented in my environment
  • Most needed in my environment
  • Most credible financial ROI
  • Most meaningful, life-impacting improvement

The more stations visited, the more points earned, and the greater the likelihood of winning a prize, like an Apple Watch.

Attendee Analytics: shows the audience composition based on pre-summit surveys submitted by all attendees. Scroll through analytic categories that include attendee job function, organizational competencies, and geographical distribution.

Inbox: Receive messages from the Summit sponsor via the app’s inbox and send messages to other attendees.

Get Your HAS Game on with EVENTalytics

EVENTalytics will be available for download on devices running Apple iOS 8.0 and Android 4.4.1 Kit Kat or above. Attendees will be notified of its availability prior to the conference. Also new this year, the app will be on Google Play and in the App Store, familiar venues to Android and Apple users, which will make downloading and installing a snap. Just search for EVENTalytics.

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