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Data Advances Improvements in Stroke Care Delivery, Reducing Mortality

January 30, 2020
Featured Outcomes
  • 33.8 percent relative reduction in mortality for patients who have had a stroke.
  • $118K in cost savings, the result of a 23.7 percent relative decrease in average variable costs, and a 19.4 percent relative reduction in LOS for patients who have had a stroke. Patients were able to spend 39 more days at home.

Care Management Strategy Improves Lives of Stroke Patients

April 7, 2016
Featured Outcomes
  • $350,000 saved over a one-year period
  • Mortality per 1000 strokes reduced from 36 to 0
  • Secondary stroke reduced 8%

Improving Detection and Management of Postpartum Hypertension

August 8, 2022
Featured Outcomes
  • 203 percent increase in hypertension screening.
  • 55 percent decrease in 30-day readmissions.
  • 49 percent reduction in readmissions among Black women.
  • 91 percent patient engagement.

Transforming Care Saves Millions and Improves Patient Outcomes

October 22, 2020
Featured Outcomes
  • More than $6.6 million in financial improvements.
  • Improved outcomes for thousands of patients across multiple populations.
  • 40 percent of Thibodaux Regional’s employed physicians have been engaged in clinical improvement.

Population Health Strategies Improve Diabetes Management

May 21, 2020
Featured Outcomes
  • 19.1 percent relative reduction of HbA1c for patients with diabetes in the first year of the organization’s improvement efforts.
  • 14.5 percent relative reduction of HbA1c for patients with diabetes in the second year of its improvement efforts.

Data-Driven Operations Improve ED Efficiency

August 15, 2019
Featured Outcomes
  • $1.2 million in additional revenue, the result of a 79.8 percent relative reduction in the left without being seen (LWBS) rate.
  • 45.9 percent relative reduction in the time of patient arrival until first provider contact.
  • 21.6 percent relative reduction in overall ED length of stay (LOS).

Self-Service Analytics Enables Quick, Accurate Identification of Patients

February 28, 2019
Featured Outcomes
  • Undiagnosed diabetes in adults.
  • Undiagnosed pre-diabetes in adults.
  • Diabetes/pre-diabetes screening that is past due.
  • Undiagnosed hypertension in adults.

In addition, implementation of the algorithms resulted in:

  • Use of the analytics application to identify the patients and generate a patient list in real-time.
  • For the first time, the organization has a true population health registry based on timely, meaningful clinical data that is valued by its providers.

Serious Illness Conversation Helps Patients Choose What Matters

December 27, 2018
Featured Outcomes
  • 53 percent of the patients with clinicians who used the Serious Illness Conversation Guide used hospice in the last six months of life. Only 42 percent of patients in the control group (those who did not participate in a serious illness conversation) used hospice in the last six months of life. On average, the patients who participated in a serious illness conversation were in hospice for 27.8 and control patients for 12.3 days.
  • $15,588 savings in total medical expense in the last six months of life. Reductions occurred primarily in the last three months of life. Reductions were in both inpatient medical expense and emergency department expense.

Care Transitions Improvements Reduces 30-Day All-Cause Readmissions Saving Nearly $2 Million

March 23, 2018
Featured Outcomes
  • 14.5 percent relative reduction in 30-day all-cause readmission rate.
  • $1.9 million in cost avoidance, the result of a reduction in 30-day all-cause readmission rate.

Accuracy of Readmission Risk Assessment Improved by Machine Learning

January 18, 2018
Featured Outcomes
  • The area under the curve (AUC) for Mission’s readmission risk predictor is 0.784, outperforming LACE, and meeting the organization’s goal for performance.
  • Mission’s readmission rate is 1.2 percentage points lower than its top hospital peers.

Advancing Health Equity – Data Driven Strategies Reduce Health Inequities

December 12, 2017
Featured Outcomes
  • Three percent relative improvement in colorectal cancer (CRC) screening rates for targeted populations, exceeding national CRC screening rates by more than ten percentage points.
  • REAL data embedded in dashboards and workflow to easily identify and monitor disparities.

Blood Conservation Program Yields Millions of Dollars in Savings

November 14, 2017
Featured Outcomes
  • $3.2M decrease in annual blood product acquisition costs since 2011
  • 30,283 units saved annually
  • 111 units of red cells saved per 1000 inpatient admissions

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