Coastal Connect Health Information Exchange (CCHIE)


Coastal Connect Health Information Exchange (CCHIE) is a nonprofit electronic information network with a footprint that encompasses 1.4 million patient records and 247 unaffiliated practices reaching more than 800 providers across 11 counties. CCHIE’s provider participants began to express overwhelming interest in the availability of technology that could send alerts when their patients received care in other settings. Read how Medicity solutions helped CCHIE integrate its network with disparate EHR and HIE systems and deliver patient alerts directly to providers.

Officially launched in 2009, CCHIE serves a diverse population in eastern North Carolina. A significant portion of the 1.4 million patient records on the exchange represent a population that is under-insured or lacking insurance altogether. The footprint of the exchange includes 247 unaffiliated provider practices representing over 800 physicians in 11 counties.

By connecting providers and enabling them to share health information timely and securely, CCHIE seeks to help reduce the cost of care while improving the patient experience. The exchange technology deployed by the organization supports the provider’s ability to gain efficiencies in the patient care workflow by providing access to health records in the community at the point of care, decreasing the number of unnecessary tests and procedures.

To realize the patient-centric objectives established by the CCHIE Governance Board, selection of an experienced vendor partner was required. Medicity’s reliable yet flexible technology infrastructure was chosen.