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Analytics Enables Rapid Identification of Patients with COVID-19 Qualifying for Monoclonal Antibody Therapy

August 11, 2021
Featured Outcomes
  • In just nine days, ChristianaCare leveraged DOS and data science tools to develop and implement a COVID-19 bamlanivimab eligibility machine learning model.
  • Automating the identification of eligible patients accelerated the organization’s ability to deliver monoclonal antibodies for the treatment of COVID-19.

AI Can Advance Health Equity

June 3, 2021
Featured Outcomes
  • By leveraging its analytics platform and AI, ChristianaCare now has a systematic approach to evaluate health equity as a core part of its commitment to quality.
  • The organization has driven key insight using this approach, including overcoming disparities in COVID-19 testing and increasing access to care through innovative clinics that combine virtual primary care and COVID-19 testing in some of Wilmington’s underserved communities.

AI-Powered Benchmarking Transforms Data into Insight, Improving Organizational Effectiveness

March 18, 2021
Featured Outcomes
  • Leveraging Touchstone®, INTEGRIS Health has a deep understanding of its performance and a unified vision of quality, enabling the organization to focus on opportunities to improve outcomes and organizational performance. Rather than reacting to delayed performance data, the organization is proactively pursuing improvement.
  • Data are refreshed 50x faster than what INTEGRIS Health had before and the benchmarks themselves are both more adaptive and detailed.
  • The organization has saved $500K annually by sunsetting a third-party benchmarking tool.

Analytics Enables Optimized COVID-19 Vaccination Efforts

March 11, 2021
Featured Outcomes
  • Thirty percent increase in scheduled vaccinations per week, growing and optimizing the use of available COVID-19 vaccine inventory while also ensuring adequate inventory for second doses.
  • Hundreds of hours of manual data reconciliation and evaluation avoided annually. Analyses that used to require hours are now completed in minutes.
  • More timely access to data, facilitating timely operational, quality, and safety decisions by organizational leaders.

COVID-19 Capacity Planning Tool Provides Advanced Analytics and Improved Operational Effectiveness

February 11, 2021
Featured Outcomes
  • Carle has embraced data science by implementing and integrating a COVID-19 capacity planning tool into daily operations in less than two months.
  • The organization is using advanced analytics for its capacity planning efforts and to support its leadership team in making timely decisions, improving the effectiveness of COVID-19 planning and response.

Turning Data from Five Different EHR Vendors into Actionable Insights

June 14, 2016
Featured Outcomes
  • Data from multiple EHR vendors were integrated within 12 months
  • More than 55,000 data elements and over 18 billion rows of data were incorporated
  • Patient-to-patient matching was implemented for over 1.1 million patients
  • Operational efficiency was improved by 70 percent

Reduce Readmissions with Predictive Analytics and Process Redesign

May 6, 2016
Featured Outcomes
  • 10.3 percent overall reduction in PPRs
  • 27 percent reduction in PPRs for patients with clinic follow-up within 5 days
  • $3.7 million reduction in variable costs due to avoided readmissions in 2015 compared to baseline

Innovative Approach to Rehabilitation Care Improves Patient Outcomes

March 10, 2016
Featured Outcomes
  • Creation of an innovative care model that optimizes care and support across the continuum
  • Cost savings of $11.2M for the community
  • Up to 76 percent reduction in hospitalizations and 53 percent reduction in ED visits

Data-Driven Clinical Documentation Improvement Program Increases Revenue and Improves Accuracy of Risk Adjusted Quality Metrics

January 25, 2017
Featured Outcomes
  • 12.1 percent improvement in CV surgical cardiology CC/MCC capture rate.
  • 6.3 percent increase in medical cardiology CC/MCC capture rate.
  • Increased accuracy in publically reported risk adjusted quality metrics
  • Revenue capture improvement across the system – resulting in millions of dollars of additional reimbursements.

Collaborative Partnerships and a Three-System Approach to Driving Healthcare Transformation

March 20, 2017
Featured Outcomes
  • 35 percent relative decrease in hospital-acquired conditions (HACs).
  • 44 percent relative decrease in LOS for patients with Diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA).
  • 30.9 percent relative reduction in recurrent DKA admissions per fiscal year.

Faster Data Acquisition Delivers Speedy Time to Value

April 5, 2017
Featured Outcomes
  • 245 fewer days and 1.0 less FTE needed to integrate encounter billing summary system data.
  • 56 fewer days and 0.4 less FTE needed to integrate infection control system data.
  • 99 percent reduction (90 days saved) in the amount of time needed to implement system enhancements.
  • 98 percent reduction in the work hours needed to incorporate system enhancements.

Driving Strategic Advantage Through Widespread Analytics Adoption

May 11, 2017
Featured Outcomes
  • 243 percent increase in user base – achieved over a two-year period (700+ unique users).
  • More data available to a broader audience than ever before.
  • Physician time to access data reduced from weeks to clicks.
  • 87 percent of user community satisfied with the effectiveness of communication provided to support their use of the EDW.