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Analytics Enables Rapid Identification of Patients with COVID-19 Qualifying for Monoclonal Antibody Therapy

August 11, 2021
Featured Outcomes
  • In just nine days, ChristianaCare leveraged DOS and data science tools to develop and implement a COVID-19 bamlanivimab eligibility machine learning model.
  • Automating the identification of eligible patients accelerated the organization’s ability to deliver monoclonal antibodies for the treatment of COVID-19.

Predictive Analytics and Care Management Reduces COVID-19 Hospitalization Rates Avoiding Nearly $2M in Costs

June 17, 2021
Featured Outcomes
  • $1.8M in cost savings, achieved by avoiding 61 hospital admissions and seven intensive care unit admissions.

Analytics Enables Robust COVID-19 Patient and Staff Contact Tracing

May 27, 2021
Featured Outcomes
  • Daily contact tracing data available with the click of a button for more than 600 patients and thousands of employees.
  • Rapid identification of potential exposures, ensuring timely follow-up.
  • 1,000 hours of burdensome, manual data collection eliminated. Infection preventionists are able to redirect that time into preventing further spread of COVID-19.

Analytics Enables Optimized COVID-19 Vaccination Efforts

March 11, 2021
Featured Outcomes
  • Thirty percent increase in scheduled vaccinations per week, growing and optimizing the use of available COVID-19 vaccine inventory while also ensuring adequate inventory for second doses.
  • Hundreds of hours of manual data reconciliation and evaluation avoided annually. Analyses that used to require hours are now completed in minutes.
  • More timely access to data, facilitating timely operational, quality, and safety decisions by organizational leaders.

Efficient Exchange of Data Improves Alternate Care Site Patient Transfers Increasing Capacity for COVID-19 Surge

February 25, 2021
Featured Outcomes
  • Nearly 300 patients transferred to the alternative care site, increasing hospital capacity.
  • Hundreds of hours of burdensome manual data processing avoided in just two weeks—thousands of work hours annually.
  • Valuable clinician time directed back to patient care—imperative for an effective COVID-19 surge response.

COVID-19 Capacity Planning Tool Provides Advanced Analytics and Improved Operational Effectiveness

February 11, 2021
Featured Outcomes
  • Carle has embraced data science by implementing and integrating a COVID-19 capacity planning tool into daily operations in less than two months.
  • The organization is using advanced analytics for its capacity planning efforts and to support its leadership team in making timely decisions, improving the effectiveness of COVID-19 planning and response.

The Analytics Emergency: Rapid Deployment of Real-Time Analytics, Enabled Incident Command

December 10, 2020
Featured Outcomes
  • In less than 16 hours, deployed integrated, real-time dashboards for monitoring all COVID-19 activity, including patient testing and activity, care requirements, and supply utilization.
  • 99.8 percent relative reduction in processing time, providing incident command the critical data required to drive informed decision making.
  • Thousands of patients tested for COVID-19.
  • Integrated workforce and COVID-19 data for more than 13,000 employees, volunteers, and contractors.

Rapid Response Analytics Improves COVID-19 Incident Management Effectiveness

April 20, 2020
Featured Outcomes
  • In just 15 minutes developed COVID-19 registry that can be quickly updated based on the most recent evidence.

COVID-19 Dashboard Enables Effective Incident Command

April 21, 2020
Featured Outcomes
  • Seven days to develop a COVID-19 dashboard that integrates more than 60 critical metrics.

Analytics Accelerates COVID-19 Elective Surgery Restart

May 5, 2020
Featured Outcomes
  • In just two weeks, deployed a COVID-19 elective surgery impact analysis application.

Analytic Insights Help Drive COVID-19 Financial Recovery Plan

May 7, 2020
Featured Outcomes
  • Integrated analytics, enabling the organization to develop a long-term surgical financial recovery plan.

Virtual Care Analytics Supports Rapid Change in Ambulatory Care Delivery

May 12, 2020
Featured Outcomes
  • In just one-week, deployed COVID-19 virtual visit scenario planning.