Strategic Advisory Services

Strategic Advisory Services


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Outcomes Improvement Governance

Setting up effective governance for outcomes improvement work requires a substantial investment from an organization’s leadership team. For organizations requiring support in laying the groundwork for outcomes improvement, Health Catalyst offers 4-6 month consulting engagements whereby a member of our leadership team will work shoulder-to-shoulder with your leadership to build this infrastructure. These engagements are customized to reflect the nuances of your organization and will equip your leadership team to be stewards of outcomes improvement.

Data Governance

Effective data governance is critical to the success of your analytic and improvement efforts, but too many organizations have been burned by ineffective projects that wasted time and organizational resources without accomplishing strategic goals. At Health Catalyst, we believe data governance is a competency that your organization should build over time, with an emphasis on tackling real projects and securing early wins along the way. At the beginning of any data governance initiative, we’ll spend time with your team to evaluate the meaningful work that has already been accomplished to date. We’ll incorporate these insights into a proven, pragmatic structure that has front-line action backed up by executive sponsorship. Our team will relay key data governance principles – like data quality, data literacy, and data utilization – as they relate to on-going efforts to ensure that the organization sees the value of such initiatives. As your organization builds confidence in this competency, we’ll work with you to assemble overarching governance structures to steward this process more effectively across your organization.

Customized Engagements

Don’t see a topic you’re interested in here? With a deep bench of experts in clinical, business, and operational topics, our team would be happy to work with you to craft a customized engagement that draws on our strengths in healthcare analytics and outcomes improvement. Our engagements are diverse, ranging from day-long executive leadership workshops, to six-month consulting engagements to drive improvements in a focused area like governance, to multi-year initiatives focused on developing in-house leadership development programming. We would welcome the opportunity to learn more about your strategic imperatives and craft an engagement that best meets your needs.

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