Solution and Benefits

Health Catalyst has invested over $100 million to develop a healthcare-specific, open, flexible, scalable platform for analytics, application development, and interoperability. Our combination of modern hardware, software, and data engineering allows organizations of all sizes to scale up and out for success.

data-informed healthcare improvement

Our Platform: The Health Catalyst Data Operating System (DOS™)

comprehensive analytics solution healthcareData Integration Platform

  • Healthcare-specific, cloud-hosted, open, flexible, and scalable data platform.
  • Integrated metadata-driven toolbox for ETL, data dictionary & data publishing.
  • Automated data normalization, risk adjustment, attribution, and terminology.
  • 50+ applications, application suites, and analytic accelerators.
  • 300+ source connectors, 200+ quality measures, 400+ registries, and value sets.

Data Interoperability Platform

  • Accredited and ONC-certified (MU3) HISP and Direct Messaging solution.
  • Includes “DOS Realtime” for bi-directional exchange of HL7 messages.
  • Committed support for the 21st Century Cures Act to share claims and clinical information.
  • Event-based notifications for improved care coordination and transitions of care, 360-degree longitudinal patient viewer and direct HIPAA-compliant e-mail.
  • Robust patient matching, consent, and security framework.

Our Offerings for Health Plans, ACOs, and Other Risk Bearing Entities

Success Stories

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